February 1, 2015

The Caveman…


assalamualaikum and good day.

1. it’s been a month now since new year. yippee! … or probably not.
time flies really fast, don’t you guys think so? it’s like we barely breathe the new year breath and suddenly… poof! we’re almost a month older in this year. katakan ini tidak benar!!! ini tidak adil, tidak adil, tidak adil bagiku. noooooo…! T___T

2. anyhow, in my last entry, I did mentioned about a face-to-face meeting with one of the blogger who are among the ‘13 Warriors’ for the Buasir Otak : The Komik. who else… one of the writer for Buasir Otak a.k.a. Prince of Noob.
and I did as well told about an ‘awkward’ situation build up around us. (should I even use that term??? I dunno?) or it seem to me that way. I'm not quite sure if it goes the same way with them. so, obviously those situation does not build up because of the person I met with. as a matter of fact, perhaps it might be a result of my introversion personality… towards them.

3. being a purely introvert (some says they can switch up between introvert and extravert personality) can sometimes be a downfall to me… especially when it comes to meet up and hang out with new friend(s). I'm neither an anti-social, nor am I shy or reserved… in fact, I do love meeting new people, get to know them genuinely, and do hope that we'd might becomes buddies (sebab buddyz takkan terpisah). however, I do have this kind of attitude to let myself be surrounded by those whom I feel comfort with. and how am i suppose to feel that way in just meeting… right?

4. hence, to those whom I barely spoke or I show an awkward reactions towards them in our first meet up or hang out, I do honestly apologize for such behavior. I’m not saying that I don't like to hang out with friends and get to know them better, it’s just that sometimes or most of the times I don’t feel comfortable being surrounded by new environment… or people. (no heart feeling I hope?)
my responds and reactions might change after a while or a few hang out… or perhaps after a few months. I don't know.

okay, hold on. why do I make it sound so serious…??? awat serius sangat lagu tuh?

awat hang serius sangat

5. aku tak cakap jadi introvert tak best? ekceli ada je benda-benda best yang hanya golongan introvert je yang buleh paham. nak tau apa dia yang best sangat, hang bulehlah tanya pakcik gugel sendiri. after all, there'll always be 2 sides in every situations or things that happen in life. just like the 2 sides of the coin… betui dak?



cEro said...

Introvert ni kadang2 masalah dia nak start conversation tu..
Bila dah kena topik yg menarik, introvert pon akan jadi full throttle extrovert...hehehe

Haryz Khairuddin said...

hahaha... yup, betul tu. kadang2 lebih dia dari orang yang banyak cakap kalau kena dengan topik yang dia suka. ;P

plain83 said...

hmm... anda pasti org yg anda jumpa itu noob buasir otak? u sure bout dat bruh? ;3

Haryz Khairuddin said...

hmmm... might be him, or not? ntah2 dia hantar decoy dia je?? mana nak tau kan? haha..

Bro Ley said...

Rilek bro...aku pun susah gak nak betul2 selesa kalau baru jumpa sekali dua. Aku pun ada perangai introvert sikit, tapi masih boleh buat kawan la...Memang kadang2 rasa down sebab x puas hati apsal x boleh nak jadi firendly happy go lucky cam extrovert. Rileks sudah.... Jadi diri sendiri jugak terbaik.