May 1, 2012

Are We… A True Friend???

Assalamualaikum & a very good day to my dear friends… as well as “Happy Labor Day!!!” to all the workers around the world. you guys really deserves a nice peaceful break. (but one day isn’t enough though… should be Labor Week…?? *sigh*)

true friends

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* sometimes we need to ask ourselves one little thing… are we being true to our friend? (by definition, friend isn’t someone who backstabbing you or the one who reveal your secret when you entrusted them to keep it or other sort of things which is not suppose to be done by person we call as friend.)

* for me, a definition of friend maybe differ form one another… but the main purpose is the real meaning that ‘term’ itself carries in our life.

* unfortunately, is there any true friend still alive nowadays. (hahaha… joking. as I told before, it depends on people perception right…???)


** forgive me if there’s a lot of vocabulary or grammatical errors in my entry, as this would be my first writing in English.

** as for my long pause in updating this blog, I not sure if ‘lazy’ or ‘busy’ is an appropriate term to describe it. but one true thing was, last weekend I attended my batch mate wedding ceremony in Kuantan, Pahang. maybe… & just maybe, I’ll write about it later.

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